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Mediterranean Care Services Ltd,

In 2020, we established Mediterranean Care Services Ltd to serve the needs in the Local Health Service sector. Our motivation? To fill critical gaps within Gibraltar Health Services, especially in the face of global shortages. Operating under the name Medicare, we've built a strong global network of suppliers and manufacturers.

Our aim is simple: to offer a wide range of high-quality products at prices that keep you competitive. And it doesn't stop at our borders – our dedicated export department is here to meet the needs of the international market. We're not just a company; we're a family office with a mission. Our focus is on making healthcare better, and we do it by staying true to our commitment to service and innovation. Mediterranean Care Services Ltd embodies our unwavering dedication to top-notch healthcare, driven by family values.

Our services & supplies

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Our mission

Our aim is to bridge the gap in the local market by establishing strategic partnerships with international manufacturers, allowing us to provide an extensive range of products to meet the demands of healthcare providers, pharmacies, and other businesses in Gibraltar and abroad. With our dedication to quality, competitive pricing, and reliable service, we are determined to make a significant impact.